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of money, they allowed obama to define romney early as this out of touch rich guy, their ground game got killed. it was really not a well-run campaign. >> the reason they got the polling august that some people on the right figh the electorate -- some people the right thought that the electorate would look like the electorate of 2004, not 2008, that 2008 was an exceptional year, the excitement over the first african-american. they assumed that the elector would be +2 democrats rather than the +6 it turned out to be. in the end it was +6 -- >> in fairness to the romney people, nobody knew what the vaunted ground game was going to be like from the obama people. that it was going to be as good as it turned out to be. >> mark, about the lunch, what do you suppose they talked about? >> you know, there is such natural chemistry between these two. it reminds me of the lunch when ronald reagan was present, that nancy reagan and the chief of staff for not getting along, and the two of them met for lunch with their food testers. >> do you think he has a job for him down the road? >> he has a job,
these guys up. >> thooes two for my money. >> you have bad guys. >> i don't want us there. barack obama came into office that's the one mark on him i had from the get go was we are going to finish is in afghanistan. i don't think we need afghanistan. i think we need to get out thereof. nobody has ever won in afghanistan. we can dance and crow at the russians getting their ass whipped there but we are getting the same thing in our own way. >> one of the things i like about you you are not a mean guy. you and i are probably the most politically apart whatsoever but we can have a few laughs. i like working for you in the newsroom. >> you are fired. >> did i look like donald trump? >> did you discuss politics with the crew? was there a lot of back and forth? mary tyler moore is a big factor fan. she watches every night. >> how old do i look? >> how old do i look? >> mary has become much more conservative of late. i was the most outspoken liberal. >> rush limbaugh calls me ted baxter. >> never fear lou. when you do it as long as i have you become a brilliant writer. >> he was the biggest man i ha
for my money. >> even though you get a chieftan -- >> i don't want there is, president obama came into office, the one mark on him that i have from the get-go, was that we're going to finish it in afghanistan. i don't think we need afghanistan. i i'd -- i'd like to us get out of there. nobody has ever won in afghanistan. we can dance and crow at the russians getting their ass whip thread but we're getting the saming in our own way. >> sow you want out of there. one of the things i like about you is you're not a mean guy. you and i are probably the most politically apart as ever but we can have a few laughs and -- you are -- i'm like working for you in the newsroom. >> you're fired. >> thank you. >> like donald trump, you're fired. >> when you were doing the moore show, did you discuss politics with the crew? mary tyler moore is a big factor fan. she watches every night. >> no hedging. how old do i like? >> why hedge. how old do i look? >> mary has become much more conservative of late. i was the most outspoken liberal. >> do you know rush limbaugh calls me ted baxter. i consider t
increases. >> of course santa delivers everywhere. i have been keeping my ow money and nice list for washington. visiting towns like this. >> president obama got his wish rather than negotiating with republicans he was simmering them back on the campaign tail at a factory in pennsylvania that makes angry brds toys. >> it's not acceptable to me, and i don't think it's acceptable to you for and full of republicans in congress told middle-class tax cuts hostage simply because they don't want tax rates on upper income folks too up. >> within minutes the speaker fired back that the talks are now on life support. >> there is a stalemate. let's not kid ourselves. >> replan the president for sending treasury secretary to capitol hill with a proposal that led senate republican leader to literally bur out laughing. >> the white house took three weeks to respond with any kind of a proposal. much to my disappointment it was not a serious one. >> the president campaigns on $800 -- 800 billion in tax increases by ending the bush ta cuts for the wealthy, but is now proposing. adding tax hikes o
want them punished. >> greg: you're obama's soul. >> bob: they don't pay percentage of taxes on the money they earn versus what -- >> greg: 40%. reduce the government for eight days. that is preposterous. >> eric: is earning money a bad thing? >> dana: not if you ask for campaign contributions. practical point, gite on the sunday show said all the democrats support this. that is not true. the key democrats, landrieu, begich and north carolina -- i can't remember her name -- they are on all on record saying i don't think i'm for this. he has even a harder time convincing those on the democratic side to go with his plan. >> greg: one day explain why are you punishing the rich when you know it won't benefit anything? that is a punitive idea and pay more than anyone in country. >> eric: we have to go. why are american jobs on the chopping block because of animals like to prairie chicken? dana explains how environmentalists are running wild. that's next on "the five." everyone loves surprise parties. yeah, so last week we had a surprise party for our dear friend, lizzy. surprise!
. you saw president obama raised a billion to spend on the campaign . mitt romney not far behind that. is it possible to raise the money to run the campaign. >> it is difficult if you are not in the system. peggy is right and the electorate would embrace the wilke or perot type figure . raising the money and putting together the political structure and energy to do what is necessary in the campaign. dana, it is hard for somebody who is never been in the process and you have seen it first hand and you know how tough it is . tough for somebody with no experience to come in and do it. >> compeeling and convincing. doug and peggy. >> thank you so much. coming up later in the show, we'll meet a grouch -- group of hurricane sandy victims. i get to do something in the question and answer session with the >> i am marianne rafferty. the debate goes on on how to keep the country from going over the fiscal cliff. tim geithner saying it's up to the gop law americas to make the next move to prevent mandatory tax hikes and spending cuts. republicans have a plan and it would provide 800 million in n
, capital goods and the media. sandra: well-done. david: money with melissa francis is next. >> i'm melissa francis and here's what's "money" tonight. republicans laid their cards on the table unveiling their fiscal cliff counteroffer to president obama. does it actually have a chance though? will the president and congressional democrats just blow it right out of the sky? we'll break it all down. >>> plus the mississippi river in crisis. water levels dropped to historic lows threatening to bring commercial traffic to a halt and spike food prices. have you even heard about this? the head of one mississippi barge operator joins us whether a disaster can still be avoided. >>> would you sublet your name for an entire year? a bidding war breaks out for the right to one man's name. he is here to explain his bold idea and how he is cashing in. even when they say it's not it is always about money melissa: first let egg look at the day's market headlines. concern over the fiscal cliff bleeding into the u.s. manufacturing sector. factory activity in november declined for the first time in three mont
nearly four years on the job. the obama administration says it will announce a replacement in the near future. >>> starbucks has a new way to spend a lot of money. it is introducing the most expensive blend made from a rare costa rican variety named geisha. it is $7 a cup and only available in 48 stores. if you order one, drink it slowly and enjoy every sip. >>> is the fiscal cliff a mountain or mole hill? it depends who you ask and my next guests have two different opinions. joining me is komal sri-kumar, chief strategist with tcw and jim paulsen at wells capital management. good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> sri, your thoughts on the fiscal cliff. you say even if washington comes to a compromise we will see a drag on the economy and markets. why? >> i think we are going up the fiscal mountain now. it doesn't have to be a fiscal canyon. you don't have to have a lack of agreement and falling off the cliff in order for you to have a negative impact on the economy. even if you are coming down a fiscal slope with increase in some of the tax rates, for instance, ex
to $5. if you're not satisfied after 6 months, you get that money back. call 1-800-orencia. >>> oh, hey, everybody. it's time for "the pulse." we start with a starry night in washington. president obama leading the salute of this year's kennedy center. among them members of led zeppelin, late night host david letterman and actor dustin hoffman. >> motley crue gets the nation's highest awards for those who influenced american culture through the arts. mr. obama said all the honorees rose to the top after very humble beginnings. congrats to it all. >> we just have to comment about what the first lady was wearing. michelle obama turned to michael kors for the jewel-encrusted gold lame gown. for those attempting that regal look, rob. >> the first lady, and this from the state department reception honoring those kennedy center honorees. of course, that is former first lady and current secretary of state hillary clinton and meryl streep doing what many of us do at a party, taking a quick snap of themselves on an iphone. >> i wonder if they have instagram. >>> next, what's at least the fourth
questions answered. consumer reports' annual money in nuys list. welcome to "the willis report." ♪ gerri: hello, everybody. i'm gerri willis. a bold counter offer to president obama on the fiscal clef. the new plan contains 800 billion in new taxes, half of what the president was looking for. more importantly, the gop plan keep tax rates the way they are now. we know that is a deal maker for the tie-breaker for the presidents. joining me now, the man some democrats blame for the fiscal cliff impasse, grover norquist, president of americans for tax reform. and the many and as a finger to about fixing it, michael reagan, founder of the reagan group. i want to start with the republicans plan that they put on the table. they have been accused of doing nothing and all. they come up with their own plan which includes 800 billion in revenue from closing loopholes and eliminating deductions and then 1 billion in spending cuts. it is being rejected from the get go by democrats. grover, what do you say? >> i think the republicans had a very good plan called lorraine budget. they all voted for it i
, $700 billion was taken out of medicare to begin obama care. so right there, you know, from a management standpoint, why would you reduce money from something that's going broke? the other thing that we need to understand is that tax rates are going up on january 1 within obama care. so we're talking about almost a trillion dollars of increases in taxes and fees. >> let's not talk about the democrats for a moment. let's not even talk about what the president's put on the table. let's talk about the republicans. give me specific cuts that republicans would be behind. because we're really short on specifics from the gop. lay out for me, here's what we're willing to cut in terms of entitlements. put it on the table. >> look, there's been a plan in terms of indexing the increases. we are going to have to find a way to reduce the gap between how much medicare costs per person and how much we pay. because it's not going to last. it's going to go broke. >> so let me bring in nan for a second, then. forgive me for cutting you off. tick off for me. as you know, one of the biggest criticisms from
, professional class. >> because part of the thing is the fund raising. you saw president obama raise 2 billion dollars and mitt romney was not far behind that, is it possible, doug, to figure out an established an infrastructure to raise the money you need to run the campaign. >> peggy is right, there's a possibility and the electorate embracing wilkey or even a ross perot type figure, but to raise the money, to put together the political structure and to have the energy to do what's necessary in a campaign, dana, it's very hard for somebody who's never been in the process and you've seen it firsthand, you know how tough toss, tough for somebody with no experience to come in and do it. >> okay, thank you both. compelling and convincing, doug and peggy. thank you so much. [applause]. >> thank you, dana. >> coming up in the show. we're going to meet those from hurricane sandy having a tough time getting on their feet and first, i'll give you something i haven't done in four years, my question and answer session with the audience next. p a git in time r christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where
on the fact we're not going to raise the rates on anybody at any point. and what the obama administration has made very clear is it's got to be tax rate. well, the republicans are saying, doesn't have to be the tax rate. you can come up with other money closing loopholes and deductions and stuff like that. so right now it's just a dance, somebody's got -- the republicans have to come up with a formal offer. >> gretchen: i was going to say, they don't have a plan. >> steve: we've heard the president's plan. it's crazy, according to the republicans. now it's time for the republicans to come out with a plan and then have the democrats say, no, that's crazy. >> gretchen: one thing is for sure, nobody is going to get everything that they want. that's just the way it is, i think, in this very difficult situation. both sides are going to have to compromise. >> brian: i think the rolling stones sang about satisfaction and you can't always get it. >> steve: you can't get no. >> brian: we'll go over that and maybe sing it. costco is a company in which the president always leans on the ceo, the guy in c
the -- these are exactly the people the democrats think are somehow undeserving people that should have their money taken away so you can build government when, in fact, the biggest problem we have overall comprehensively is this government is too much of a burden on the big economy. poor old president obama, he actually believes that more government is always a better thing. simply doesn't understand the way the economy works and doesn't show any desire to learn. having tim geithner, a rough secretary in a rough congress trying to work out a deal while the president is playing golf is frankly not a very good basis by which you would project success for the future. the president needs to school up, go to work or get to the table. i don't think he's willing to do that. >> you know the house pretty well. they have an election every two years and they got elected again and they've got constituents that sent them there for a reason. and then you've got the president would is just -- you know, just being hammered by the left on not caving this time around because he got so much grief the last time. this is se
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)